Using Hypnosis to make a difference

Alan removing a frog phobia

Alan mastered the Hypnotic Art in the UK and after a lot of very hard work and preparation entered the world of “Stage Hypnosis”.

Alongside his busy schedule of touring the country’s cabaret venues and theatres Alan discovered he had a talent for helping people with their personal problems. It started when he was filming a TV pilot when one of the producers had a migraine. Inducing a state of light hypnosis and within minutes Alan had totally removed the pain. This result shocked both Alan and the producer.

Two of the very common questions raised at most of the shows are “can you stop me from smoking” and “can you make me slim”? 

Qualified Hypnotherapist

A decision was made to study the therapeutic side of hypnosis and Alan qualified as a hypnotherapist. By using his vast background knowledge of hypnosis and the skills he learned plus many years of hands on experience it is very rare that a client will present an issue that he has not encountered. In Alan’s words “I know what works and what doesn’t”! Hypnosis is not a magic wand and it does not work for everybody. If it works for you as an individual it may really change your life. 

Alan has a regular clinic practise in Malta and in the UK and specialises in smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety, phobias including, flying, claustrophobia, public speaking, emotional problems, bereavement, dental fear, driving, exam study to name a few.

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Clients interested in Past Life Regression may obtain further information from the PAST LIVES WEBSITE 


A personal message from Alan: “Do not suffer in silence, your health and happiness and a balanced mind and body is essential to enable you to function in life”.

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